Anna Barlik (artist exploring the relationship between man and his environment), Michał Strzała (architect exploring the relationship between data and their physical representation) and Jacek Sosnowski (curator) are representing Poland this year (

The monumental sculpture of Anna Barlik (7 tons, 3 kms of steel tubes and hundreds of elements) allows visitors to experience data in its “material” form. It illustrates conceptual models of architectural constructions derived from available data. In today’s world, data has arguably replaced direct sources of experience.

The Polish Pavilion ( was awarded the Golden Lion for Best National Participation at the 2008 Venice Biennale of Architecture with works by Nicolas Grospierre and Kobas Laksa.

This year the Polish pavilion goes further, in direct continuation of the durability theme of 2008, by showcasing ”the Laboratory of the Future”, based on the belief that our future relies on correct data collection and interpretation.

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