Grégoire Scalabre (www.Gré is a French artist who has taken the use of ceramics in sculpture to new heights. He is showing at this year’s prestigious Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire which has been exhibiting exceptional contemporary artists for the past 20 years (

The renaissance castle is also the annual host to the International Garden Festival (they were the first to discover Pierre Blanc and his vertical gardens). The exhibition displays three major works of the artist which include a monumental « Ultimate transformation of Thetis », composed of 70.000 tiny ceramic pieces (qualifying for the Guinness Book of Records), an interstellar black « Cignus » made of 9000 ceramic elements and a white L’Onde (the Wave) an evocation of nature and its infinite complexity. The finesse of the ceramic creates a unique sensory depth whilst the frailty of the (central) object is in opposition to the great scale of the sculptures.

Grégoire was exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 2021 and at Art Basel in 2022. He also won the prestigious « L’intelligence de la main » (the Ingenuity of the Hand) award conferred by the Liliane Bettencourt Foundation ( ).

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