HALF AND HALF exhibition by Masakazu Miyanaga

the Manggha Museum in Krakow


Having lived in Japan for the first part of his life and in Poland for the second, Masakazu Miyanaga’s art exhibits a distinct mix of Eastern and Western influences. His work combines the traditional Western technique of writing icons with the rich symbolism of Japanese art.  

Miyanaga’s works pay tribute to two rich traditions, characterized by meticulous and time-consuming craftsmanship. The artist reflects, “In a world where digitization prevails and everything is seemingly transient, I strive to dedicate time to appreciate the intricate craftsmanship of artists who possessed extraordinary skills.” 

To celebrate both the artist’s 50th birthday and his 25th year in Poland, the Manggha Museum in Krakow has curated a special exhibition titled “HALF AND HALF. Masakazu Miyanaga,” which will be open until November 30, 2023. 

 As part of the exhibition, a painting from the dela.art collection is being presented. 

Manggha Museum: https://manggha.pl/wystawa/pol-na-pol-masakazu-miyanaga  

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