Zuza Golińska, Iza Tarasewicz: ONE / THEM


The Center of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko has published a catalog showcasing the work of Iza Tarasewicz and Zuza Golińska. The publication was prepared for the “One/Them” exhibition, held at the Oranżeria Gallery in Orońsko in the fall of 2023. 

For several decades now, one of the main reasons for the escalating effects of climate change has been the failure of multinational corporations and national governments to take real action. […] Zuza Golińska and Iza Tarasewicz’s first joint exhibition explores the conditions under which a collective voice of resistance emerges. Both sculptors analyse global issues in a local context, while building relationships with the communities they co-create.” Stanisław Małecki 

The artists “met” at the Oranżeria Gallery in Orońsko to exhibit their sculptures like actors appearing in a certain drama. The characters in this drama are non-human. We can envision the time of action as a future that has already arrived.” Stach Szabłowski 

The catalog features writings by Stanisław Małecki and Stach Szabłowski, as well as a conversation between Natalia Sielewicz and the artists. The publication also features photographs from the exhibition and related events.  

Catalogue: click here

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