Iza Tarasewicz’s sculpture The Union That Has Evolved Into the Wing from 2022 embodies individual strength and perseverance, which, when combined with collective commitment, fosters a sense of community and solidarity. The artist emphasizes the power of collective effort by using a multiplied form of simplified four-fingered hands, imitating an agrarian tool rather than the bodily haptics of a human being. This work refers to the establishment of enduring social structures, such as family, tribe, village, or nation, that significantly influence collective consciousness. It is also a tribute to people in simple professions whose efforts stimulate the proper functioning of the entire social system. 

Tarasewicz’s large-format openwork piece is the result of the artist’s reflection on folk tradition in light of ongoing modernization processes and rapid ecological, social, and political changes. It contains much of the cyclical philosophy: samsara, the idea of eternal return, and cyclical cosmology. With every end, there is a new beginning, and observing this cycle confirms the durability of our culture. It can adapt to changes while maintaining its identity and values. 

The idea of a mandala is a recurring motif and the central archetype of the dela.art collection. Its organic form is consistent with the key ecological perspective: holistic thinking and a comprehensive view of the world. Iza Tarasewicz’s sculpture intersects the most important thematic axes of the collection: overcoming barriers and ecology. The work manifests unity at all levels, serving as a bridge between tradition and modernity, East and West, and affirming the diversity of interpenetrating worlds. 

The exhibition at Koszyki is the first presentation of the artwork in Poland and the latest installment of the dela.art for Eneris project, through which works from the collection are made accessible to the general public.

The Union That Has Evolved Into the Wing by Iza Tarasewicz is available to visitors in the hall of the Koszyki office building, located at 65 Koszykowa Street , from March 13th, on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.  

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